What We Do.

Don’t slug it out with everyone at the “I-Want-To-Buy” moments. Reach new customers before your competition does at the “I-Want-To-Know” moments.

Organic Search (SEO)

While best practice SEO still has its place and cannot be abandoned, it has been replaced by a more holistic approach to the buyer journey and discovery channels that surround it. It’s about how “useful in the moment” the content experience is. Our process starts with understanding intent to help find the right outlets and moments to be found, determine content that will resonate and ensure there are no barriers to indexing. Acronym’s experience runs deep across global search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and Naver. In more recent years, visibility across non traditional discovery channels has become a core priority including channels, i.e. Amazon, Youtubwe, TripAdvisor, among others.

Paid Search (PPC)

Our Intent-based framework was developed specifically to target searchers based on their behavior and better personalize ads across search. First, the keywords. They are the closest proxy to consumer intent. We have developed a machine learning algorithm that mines keywords and classifies them into stages of the buyer journey, which helps to align KPIs, ad copy and landing page experience to customer behavior. Secondly, we leverage audience data: we have built tools to categorize hundreds of audience types into more granular intent segments to ensure creation of unique content and personalized ad experiences for each audience. DMP integration, Customer Match and AEM allow us to analyze path to purchase to tailor messaging based on where the customer is in the lifecycle.

Search Technology

Make faster, smarter decisions with the right search technology stack to support your in-house teams. With complete data ownership and tech to power every aspect of search including keyword research, bid and feed management, DSPs, market research, SEO platforms, content marketing and local optimization. Our own patented technology, Keyword Objects™, helps overcome encrypted search and provide insights into synergies between paid and organic search.


We built our consulting practice to help you build your ‘Search Center of Excellence’ to provide strategy, governance, education, analytics and technology. We help your teams build and scale a search and discovery framework to impact the entire customer life-cycle. Analyzing online intent gets you inside the minds of your customers. When you know how to mine data the right way to truly understand their behavior, search opens doors for you to win customers across digital.

Analytics & UX

Your data tells a story. That story has the power to open up new frontiers for your business. You can’t improve or optimize when you can’t effectively measure consumer behavior and truly understand cognitive psychology and linguistics behind your data. Our certified teams will help you maximize your analytics and data technology including everything from implementation and customization support for web analytics and tag management, to DMP integration and multi-channel attribution and more.


Our dedicated UX team, utilizes a combination of usability analysis via web analytics tools and applying technology such as Adobe Target and Optimizely for user experience testing. Experiences are mapped to consumer intent through our own technology and combined with Web Analytics tools to provide us with insights related to engagement. Starting with the most visited landing pages and the lowest performers, we evaluate barriers to conversion and relevancy to keyword and ad. We also deploy testing technology to perform A/B and multivariate testing in order to create dynamic landing pages, allowing for better targeting and improved performance.

Paid Media

Search may be at the core of what we do, but over the years we’ve learned so much about the integrated approach to connecting content with consumers from channel-to-channel, touch-point to touch-point. Really, you can’t say search without saying social. In fact, you can’t say search without saying display (particularly when it comes to retargeting). And the key component of a well-thought-through, relevant and (most importantly) useful content, developed around intent, is the glue that holds every great digital marketing campaign together. We know all of this – because we do all of this…helping our clients build and execute personalized programmatic and retargeting buys that will maximize return.


What is commonly known as search marketing on the world wide web, has expanded beyond the browser into the app economy where a new type of “suggested discovery” will occur based on digital assistant usage and behavior. As the “digital assistant” becomes the “information provider”, the industry will adapt to include content experience analysis across multiple channels and devices. Acronym supports its Client’s across a wide range of discovery channels, whether that be in Marketplaces like Amazon or across apps such as OpenTable.

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